Lynn Rudman, M.D.

Dr. Rudman has practiced in Santa Barbara since 1990, and in 1994 became the owner of The Women’s Medical Clinic. From 1994-2008 she had a very busy practice, often with 2 nurse practitioners or physician assistants seeing up to 40 patients a day. In 2008, Dr. Rudman decided that she wanted to be able to spend more time with each patient so that she could feel that all of her patients were well cared for. To accomplish this, she became an out of network provider. She can now schedule new patients for 90 minute appointments and yearly exams for returning patients for 1 hour.  After hours, she is available to you by cell phone, so that you do not have to talk to an “on call physician” that will not know you.

Dr. Rudman is also very committed to helping serve the indigent population and has delivered babies for the Santa Barbara County clinic since 1990.  She also is quite committed to education and has helped train USC medical students for many years.

Dr. Rudman grew up in Indiana. She was first a diver and then a tennis player and traveled throughout the midwest competing in these two sports. After spending two years in Hawaii for jr. high/high school, she realized a warmer climate was more to her liking. She met her husband in kindergarten and married him 35 years later!  They have two sons that keep her very active.