Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Drs on this website take insurance?

    You can usually find this information by contacting the doctor’s office directly or checking their website. Alternatively, you can also contact your insurance provider to inquire about which doctors are in-network

  • Are Preferred Health Partners part of Sansum?

    We are not affiliated with Sansum Clinic. However, our physicians have good working relationships with their providers.

  • Do Preferred Health Partners affiliated with Cottage Hospital?

    Our physicians have hospital staff privileges with Cottage Hospital

  • What are the Benefits of working with a Dr from Preferred Health Partners?

    1. Personalized care: Independent physicians often have the ability to spend more time with each patient, allowing for a more personalized and thorough approach to healthcare. They can develop a deeper understanding of their patients’ medical history, lifestyle, and preferences, leading to more effective and tailored treatment plans.
    2. Continuity of care: Independent physicians tend to prioritize long-term relationships with their patients. This continuity of care allows for better coordination of treatment, improved communication, and a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s health over time.
    3. Access to a wider range of treatment options: Independent physicians are not bound by strict protocols or formularies imposed by larger healthcare organizations. They have the freedom to explore and recommend a broader range of treatment options, including alternative therapies or cutting-edge treatments that may not be as readily available in other settings.
    4. Enhanced patient advocacy: Independent physicians often have more autonomy, which allows them to advocate more effectively for their patients. They can act as their patients’ primary advocate, ensuring that their best interests are prioritized and that they receive the most appropriate and timely care.
    5. Greater focus on preventive care and wellness: Independent physicians typically have more flexibility to emphasize preventive care and wellness programs. They can dedicate more time and resources to educating patients on healthy lifestyle choices, disease prevention, and early intervention, ultimately leading to better overall health outcomes.
    6. Reduced administrative burden: Working with an independent physician may also mean less administrative hassle for patients. Independent practices often have streamlined processes and less bureaucracy, resulting in smoother appointment scheduling, shorter wait times, and more efficient communication.

    It is important to note that the benefits of working with an independent physician may vary depending on the specific practice and the individual physician. It is always advisable to research and choose a healthcare provider who aligns with your needs and preferences.

  • Do Preferred Health Partners take new patients?

    Many of the practices affiliated with the Preferred Health Partners do accept new patients, however not all. It is best to call the practice directly to inquire about their ability to accept new patients.

  • What is Concierge Dr?

    A concierge doctor is a physician who charges a membership or retainer fee directly to the patient to provide enhanced accessibility and services to that patient. Concierge doctors tend to have smaller practice sizes that allow them to spend more time with their patients.

  • Does Concierge Drs provide higher levels of service?

    Because of the smaller practice size, concierge practices often allow for extended office visits, same day services, emergency and after-hours services and a greater focus on preventative health care than a traditional medical practice. However, services offered by concierge physicians vary greatly and it is best to visit the practice website or phone directly to inquire about what services are offered within each individual practice. 

  • Do Preferred Health Partners have common policies for their practice?

    Preferred Health Partners is a group of independent physicians practicing in Santa Barbara. As such, our individual practice policies may vary considerably. However, we all adhere to the policy of delivering the highest quality medical care in order to enhance the Santa Barbara medical community and provide choices for patients in our area.